Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Ever Terasi Sauce Indonesian Traditonal Food, and How to Make Terasi Souce

Terasi sauce is the most famous one in Indonesia. Everybody knows about this one because the story of this food brought Indonesia to get something different from others. Many tourists come from others country have tried this sauce.

The basic material of this sauce is terasi (condiment made from pounded and fermented shrimp or small fish). It is very simple.

But there was effect for someone who didn't like this food because after they consume this food. They will get itchy on their body. It was probably because, they got allergic on shrimp or small fish. But don't worry about that. If you don't have any allergic on shrimp, it would be okay. :D

Terasi sauce is served to accompany fried catfish, soup asem, and etc.


  • 20 red chilies.
  • One spoon of shrimp paste that we have fried.
  • Two pieces of lemon juice.
  • One tomato.
  • Salt, sugar, frying-oil.

How to cook Terasi Sauce:

Gather all of the ingredients in mortar or blender. After that, frying the sauce use frying-oil in the frying-pan. This process need at least 15 minutes or more than it. Then dished out to complete your menu.


  1. Your blog about Indonesian food is really awesome. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us. I will try this recipe at home.I like Indonesian cuisine food very much and i have tried many indonesian recipes which i got from youtube and many other website. I like visiting Indonesian restaurants in weekend.

  2. Thanks for your best appreciation for our foods. :)
    And also for your visiting :)


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