Friday, August 31, 2012

The stews Jengkol (Semur Jengkol), How to cook Semur Jengkol Indonesian Traditional Recipe

Indonesian unique foods today will share about our traditional food and it is named Semur Jengkol. Most of Indonesian know about this food because it is very unique food and smeel stink. But after you have made semur jengkol, the taste will be different than before, absolutely its taste delicious.
Other name of jengkol is Archidedron Pauciflorum, is the plant that grows mostly in Asia.
Semur Jengkol is one of Indonesian Traditional Food
700 grams of Jengkol (peeled) and clean it
2 liters of water to boil the Jengkol
Frying oil
500 ml of coconut milk

The seasoning that should be mashed:
4 cloves of garlic
6 red onions
3 pieces of pecan
2-4 cm cinnamon
2 Nutmegs
2-3 teaspoons of peppers
20-23 grams of brown sugar
3 teaspoons of salt

How to make the stews jengkol (Semur Jengkol):
Boil some of water then add the jengkol, wait till it boild and cook. You have to exchange the water after boiled, repeat this action until 2-4 times to get well done.
After that drain the jengkol until dried up, next hit it so the jengkol got flat.
Then next mix the seasoning that you have mashed with jengkol while you sauté it, add the coconut milk. You have to wait until it become thick and well done.


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