Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Basic Empek-Empek's Dough That should be prepared

Do you know about Empek-empek? Mmm... Empek-empek is unique Indonesian's food that used vinegar as its sauce.

These are the basic Admixture of Empek-empek

  • Fish and tapioca flour is the main ingredient to make Empek-empek.
  • Spanish mackerel fish, 750 grams
  • Cork fish, 750 grams
  • Tapioca flour 750 grams
  • Cool water or water ice 700-800 ml
  • Two spoons of salt
  • Egg whites (1 egg)
  • How to Make the dough 
Mix the fish (grinded), watter, withes egg, and salt then stir it. Next add the tapioca flour and mix with your hand. So the dough has already done to be formed.


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