Friday, August 31, 2012

How to make fruit soup (sop buah), Healthy food and dirk from Indonesia

Fruits soup is healthy food and drink for us. This soup is very appropriate to us to consume when the weather is hot. Not only vitamin that you will get, but also the fruits frees could make you taste different to make better your mood.
The recipe is very easy to have it, and you could also find the fruits around the market (fruits store). So you don’t need to go to Indonesia if you want to try this soup, just make by yourself.

200 grams of melons
200 grams of apples
200 grams of mangoes
200 grams of pineapples
200 grams of avocados
100 grams of young coconut
900 ml fresh milk
Sugar to taste

How to make Soup Fruits (sop buah):
Cut all of the fruits into small pieces, add all of the contain into a bowl give the ice.
Serve ;)


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