Friday, August 31, 2012

How to make Coconut Ice, and Coconut ice recipe from Indonesia

Coconut ice is also our Indonesian traditional drink. This recipe comes from Javanese and Sumatra, many people who like this beverage.
This beverage is very good to have when the weather is so hot. This become another beverage. Here they are our recipes:

250 young coconuts
600 ml of coconut water
50 ml of Milk for 1 glass
100 grams of sugar
100 ml of water

How to make coconut ice:
Sheave the young coconut meat then add the sugar, water coconut, sugar, milk, and water.
Give ice on it, so it will be cook and fresh.


  1. Ane melihat gambarnya az dr pd membaca gk paham ....

    1. Hemmmm Not up to much brother. You have to learn English language, because we do need. English now, to walk around the world :) come often go back here :D

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